Holterman Shipyard has a straightforward approach to design – to draw on the experience of our past while stepping firmly into the future with groundbreaking yachts that combine striking form with superb function.

It all starts with a client, whether through an approach to us for a yacht specific to their needs, or through our own 60-year experience, research and constant feedback from Holtmernan owners from which we can shape the ultimate yachts of tomorrow. Our Xtreme series began in this way with the award-winning X-105 Lady Fleur, and has continued with each of the X- series models we have developed, all of which have grown from conversations with owners who knew what they wanted, and knew it had to be a Holterman.

We work with renowned designers to translate all those client requests and our market research into elegant, innovative and exciting new concepts that capitalise on our strengths – creating unique features that enhance the boating experience and which just aren’t found on other yachts in their size brackets.

You can find some of our current concepts below. If you have an idea that you would like us to translate into your ultimate Holterman, or if you see one of our concepts that calls to you, call us – we’ll be happy to discuss our concept designs and how they can be tailored to your requirements.

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