X-treme 54 te koop
X-treme 78 Sport te koop
X-treme 78 Fly te koop
X-treme 105 te koop
Holterman 53 Commander te koop
Holterman 54 Commander te koop
Holterman 60 Governor te koop
Holterman Classic hybrid te koop

X-treme Yachts, by Holterman

Holterman's meest exclusieve jachten

Building Yachts Since 1964

Build on craftsmanship and passion

At Holterman Yachting everything except for spraying is done in-house. It can be clearly seen that each part of each yacht that leaves the shipyard - newly built or refitted - has been made with craftsmanship and passion.

Professional pride is reflected in the high level finishing of all models. Each and every launch is a festive event for the new owner, but also means a time to say goodbye for our team.

High Quality Finish

Passion For Quality

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