Holterman Shipyard
expands the X-treme line!

April, 2021

X-treme 54

Following the launch of the X-105, Holterman Shipyard now proudly presents the X-treme 54! Construction of X-105 is in full swing and due for delivery in the summer of 2021!

New website X-treme yachts

A new website has been launched for the X-treme yachts. It lists the X-treme models with their specifications and photos:

Through the photographs, the website also shows the progress being made on yachts under construction. At the shipyard, we are very enthusiastic about the X-treme line and hear positive reports from outside. It is great to see the line taking shape and more models being developed.

Yachts have again been released from the stable. Spring is in the air!

The yachts 'Easy Rider,’ 'Bella Donna’ and ‘De Energiek’ have been readied for the sailing season again and are back in the water. The photo shows the beautiful Easy Rider being driven out of winter storage. Everything went smoothly and was a spectacular sight.
As stored yachts head to the water, we welcome the hull of the beautiful X-54.

At the shipyard, the yacht is ready for further construction. The yacht will likely be completed in the winter of 2021.

Spring is coming!

April is here, signaling the start of the boating season, the gradual refilling of the marina slips and the sun making more of an appearance. Despite these odd times, we have not been idle this winter and worked hard on the X-105. Hopefully next summer we’ll be meeting and greeting people again and do fun stuff, like organize events and attend boat shows.

We remain available for you. Any questions about one of the yachts, please contact us and we’ll gladly be of service!

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