Lady Fleur is a finalist in the ISS Design and Leadership Awards

Xtreme 105 Lady Fleur
Holterman X-Treme 105 Lady Fleur in the ocean, seen in full view.


Our 33 metre yacht Lady Fleur is already an award-winner. Now we’re thrilled to announce she’s been nominated as a finalist in the ISS Design and Leadership Awards.

The ISS Design and Leadership Awards form the jewel in the crown of the Ft Lauderdale International Boat Show, held on October 26 as FLIBS gets underway. Created by the International Superyacht Society, the Awards Gala has become the standout event of the US superyacht season. Lady Fleur has joined the illustrious list of nominees with her nod for the Best in Motor <500GT category.

ISS Finalist Logo yachting Holterman shipyard

Holterman Shipyard’s Xtreme series has been collecting accolades around the world, since Lady Fleur’s launch in 2022. The Holterman team behind these impressive yachts will be on hand at FLIBS from 25 to 29 October to discuss the bespoke yachts causing ripples in the superyacht market.

Lady Fleur’s collection of new-to-market features was an astonishing feat. Her 105 feet or 33 metres encompass an aft drive-in tender bay that rises flush to the deck to form an 11 metre pool.  Prior to Lady Fleur’s launch, these technical feats weren’t considered compatible with the limitations of a yacht of this size, but designer Bernd Weel took the owner’s request for a pool onboard a yacht compact enough to access any anchorage, and came up with something outstanding.

“The owner had some very specific wishes and features in mind, whereby the biggest challenge was to integrate the large hydraulic tender platform and swimming pool into the stern,” says Weel.


Weel has introduced the height-adjustable pool and tender dock in a way which feels generous and expansive – creating a new area for guest enjoyment – and never seen before on a yacht of this size. The design and build has been so successful it has attracted a raft of new orders in its wake for Holterman Yacht’s Xtreme Series.

Behind the impressive guest spaces this creates, are clever technical innovations introduced by Lady Fleur’s build team. Her engine room is split into two watertight sections, with a watertight compartment between them able to cradle the tender, or hold space for the swimming pool. As the central aft section of the hull lowers, it effectively turns the monohull into a catamaran; at least across her aft third.


Throughout the week Holterman Shipyard’s team will be on hand at FLIBS, bringing its award-winning expertise to the US market. The shipyard has been building classic, elegant vessels for over 50 years. With a streamlined production process, ultra-modern performance and amenities, and timeless design, Holterman Shipyard has perfected the art of on-water enjoyment. When the team attends FLIBS this week, they’ll bring that art directly to you; make an appointment with Julian van Santen tel: +31 6 34 53 46 05 or

What do you get when you combine Holterman’s history of boatbuilding prowess, Bernd Weel’s dynamic design talent, invaluable client feedback and the cumulative experience of developing the Xtreme range of yachts? You get the all-new X-95 – a brand new yacht that’s been 60 years in the making
17 JUNE 2024

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