What does the straightforward approach mean for our clients? For a start, they can expect an uncomplicated design and construction process with people who can be trusted. Clients also always know where they stand while working together with engineers, metalworkers, joiners, painters and the other yachtbuilding disciplines employed in-house by Holterman to ensure the quality our clients deserve.



The technologies deployed to build and operate a modern motoryacht may be complex at times but the mission of everyone at Holterman is to ensure everything is simple to understand and operate. Making advanced tech easy to use is very much part of our straightforward ethos and a key way we translate client vision into genuine innovation.



Translating intricate ideas into good-looking and superbly functional designs is key to the success of Holterman Shipyard. Here too our straightforward approach to working comes into its own, keeping the design process accessible and comprehensible to clients. While the lines and shapes of our yacht’s exterior design may be seriously sophisticated, the way they see the light of day will be easy for our clients to follow. Ditto when it comes to establishing the layout and interior style… Everything will be technically feasible and in line with our clients wishes.


Our Team Excellence in Yacht Construction.

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The Birth of Holterman's Shipyard in 1964


Ours is a story that began back in 1964. That’s when Johannes Holterman decided to open a shipyard on the banks of a deep-water channel through Meppel, a town in the northeast of the Netherlands. Driven by the conviction that he could build solid, steel cruising boats better than the competition, his business saw steady growth in the 1960s and 70s.



Crafting the Netherlands' Timeless Waterway Vessels

In time, his “Blauwehand” cutters and trawlers became a byword for quality. Built in various sizes up to around 15m (50ft) LOA, the vast majority are still in use today in the network of waterways and inland seas for which the Netherlands is famous.




Passing the Torch

By the early 1990s, though, it was time for a changing of the guard. Johannes’s son Robbert had been a familiar sight in the yard throughout his childhood, rolling up his sleeves and helping out wherever he could. And so it was quite natural that he should take the business on when his father stepped back.




Embracing Grandeur in the Dotcom Era

Robbert had a different vision, however. It was an era of global growth, the dotcom revolution was in full swing and he spotted an opportunity to go upmarket. “My father stopped building when the boats got to 15m in length,” says Robbert with relish. “But when I took over in 1993, I decided that Holterman yachts would start at 15m and go bigger.”




Modern Innovations and Iconic Collaborations

In those early years under Robbert’s direction, we took orders for 15m boats, then 18m and 20m. They were unashamedly modern, including features such as stabilisation systems for the first time. There was a notable collaboration with the prolific designer Peter Beeldsnijder in the late ‘90s, which produced a popular 60ft cruiser.



Holterman's International Rise and Family Ethos

As the yachts grew bigger, so our shipyard had to expand to accommodate them. New building sheds were added and more experienced staff swelled the workforce. Holterman began to extend its profile internationally through boat shows and even advertising – unthinkable in Johannes’s day. But our business retained the streamlined structure of a small family firm. No long reporting lines or hierarchies.

Commander 54 by Holterman Shipyard



Holterman's Signature Yachts of the 2000s

Fast forward to the 2000s, and Holterman had become known for its 53-54ft Commander yachts, which combine more classical proportions with a plumb bow and sinuous curves. At the other end of the scale was the slick, modern styling of the Infinity 501 – a fast launch that has cruised as far afield as Hawaii. On all these boats, the interior finish and lay-out is a matter of choice for individual owners. We pride ourselves on our custom styling.



The Birth of X-treme Yachts and Holterman's Superyacht Era"

And that is just as true of our latest venture, X-treme Yachts. This radically new line of young, dynamic yachts comes from the pen of Bernd Weel, and marks another turn of the wheel. Ranging from 16m to 32m, they usher the shipyard for the first time into the realm of the superyacht.

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The Award-Winning X-105's Fusion of Space and Functionality

Innovative thinking and technical prowess mark out these boats, which have made an instant impression. Clever use of space and modern lines helped the first X-105 scoop multiple industry awards. Her unique drop-down aft deck makes it possible to lift and carry a 32ft tender. And when at anchor, the deck doubles as a vast swimming pool.




Expanding Horizons in the Motoryacht Market

Robbert Holterman is realising his ambition to make the 60-120ft segment of the motoryacht market his own. He plans to enlarge the 3,000sqft covered build space by another 2,000sqft and is already recruiting extra craftspeople. The outlook for our future is bright indeed.

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