Launch of the X-78 Flybridge


Living on the Fly: Holterman launches hull #2 of its X-78 model with a flybridge for the Med ahead of delivery to a highly experienced owner

The latest addition to the groundbreaking Xtreme model line-up from Dutch shipyard Holterman has officially launched ahead of her delivery to her highly experienced owner. Drawing on the technical and construction prowess of the Holterman craftsmen, the design genius of Bernd Weel and the integral input at every stage from her owner, the second X-78 is a statement that the Xtreme series – which launched to universal acclaim with the award-winning X-105 Lady Fleur in 2022 – is not a one-trick pony but rather a growing stable of thoroughbred luxury cruisers.

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The yard’s philosophy in developing the X-78 Fly was simple but multi-faceted – take the X-78 Sport, a non-flybridge variant that was built for and delivered to an owner who wanted the best yacht he could get for cruising the confines of the Dutch canals, and elevate it literally to the next level with the addition of the perfect flybridge. The genius lay in the development of the original model specifically to include a future Fly variant, using the same aluminium hull and superstructure, advanced engineering platform and lower and main deck layouts for efficiency but adding the Fly to create the ultimate boat for the Med and beyond.

The result is a model that combines striking looks with striking performance – top speeds will be 28 knots with a 20-knot cruise from twin Volvo Penta IPS 1350s delivering 1,000 hp each (that’s equivalent two Bugatti Veyrons) – and striking interior space, with a vast full-beam master suite, a forward VIP and two guest ensuite doubles below.



“After Lady Fleur, there was a lot of demand for smaller yachts with the same looks and ethos – clients were in love with the styling and design, and that spawned the Xtreme range,” begins Bernd Weel, founder and principle of Bernd Weel Design, the studio behind the lines of the Xtreme models. “The range quickly grew, and every project had a client involved – there was never a spec build. The X-78 Fly has been no different.”

For the X-78, the addition of a flybridge was not an afterthought but actually something that was integral to the design from day one, says Weel. “We considered the fly option right from the beginning because when we were designing the Sport version for a client, we actively discussed with him whether it should be a flybridge or not,” Weel explains. “In the end, he opted for the non-fly version because of where he wanted to cruise. But we always kept the fly in mind, thinking it would be nice to add that edge to the model and do it anyway at a later stage. Then we had a real surprise – a year later a client knocked on our door and asked for a 78 with a flybridge, and of course we had already laid great foundations for its development.


Bernd-Weel "the sculptor" in black and white picture leaning against a bridge made of wood


The X-78 Fly’s superb, multifunctional and highly sociable upper deck, sheltered under a hardtop with sunroof, speaks to a way of living that is central to the style of boating in the Mediterranean – where the owner intends to use his yacht – and far beyond. “It’s all about outdoor living, and more exterior space to complement the huge interior,” Weel enthuses. “That really is the main focus.” The X-78 is also perfectly suited to Med cruising considerations such as French anchoring restrictions – The X-78 Fly comes in at 23.9 metres LOA, just under the French 24-metre regulatory boundary.



However, the launch doesn’t just mark the arrival of the first X-78 Fly, with its interior built around and customised to its excited owner’s preferences in finish – it heralds the opportunity to explore how the next X-78 Fly might evolve into something very different, perhaps being built for charter or perhaps with a completely reconceived interior style. That’s the beauty of Holterman: when beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Holterman can customise a client’s build to whatever finish and operational profile that client desires. It’s all thanks to the shipyard being able to draw on 60 years of yachtbuilding prowess – and more than 500 yachts built – to make the client journey beautifully straightforward.



Indeed, it was Holterman’s approach that made it a no-brainer not only for the build of the original X-105, but for the development of the entire Xtreme range. “The owner of the X-105 was looking for a very hands-on shipyard, and Holterman’s approach is very straightforward,” says Weel. “The X-105’s design was very groundbreaking but Holterman are not afraid to take on a challenge – a lot of yards were hesitant to even consider taking on the build, but the guys at Holterman were very down to earth and simply said, ‘okay, what does it take to build this?’. I think it’s that philosophy, in addition to their dedication to the customer journey and their ability to customise, that makes them the perfect shipyard to build what we think are the perfect pocket superyachts. The X-78 Fly,” he concludes, “is another perfect example of just what Holterman can do, and her launch is yet another stunning milestone in the yard’s multi-generational history.

X-78 Fly right view of rendered model

The latest addition to the groundbreaking Xtreme model line-up from Dutch shipyard Holterman has officially launched ahead of her delivery to her highly experienced owner.
14 March 2024
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04 March 2024

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